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How it works

  • Image of a sent text message that says "Hey Harold, I want to develop a meditation habit."
    Tell Harold the daily habit you want to build
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    Harold texts you everyday at 8:15pm and asks if you did your habit or not
  • Image of a sent text message saying "Yes"
    Simply text him back "Yes" or "No". Harold records your responses and sends weekly recaps.

Why Harold is a big deal

Studies have shown that consistently tracking your behavior can lead to better outcomes.  

Habit expert James Clear also agrees: tracking your behavior is key to developing new habits. 

The hard part is: tracking is hard. It's another thing you have to remember to do.

Harold makes it easy by doing the tracking for you. You don't have to remember to write in a journal or update a Google spreadsheet. Harold comes to you. That way you can focus on the habits that will get you where you want to go.


What people are saying

"Harold is the best. He's not annoying, he's not an app I have to open everyday, he doesn't send me random notifications. He just drops me a text asking if I drank enough water today and if I stretched for 10 minutes. 

His questions help me keep my goals top of mind."

-Jensen S.

"I’m noticing a byproduct of the experience is that I’m more aware of myself as whole. How I feel, my motivations, am I going to burnout soon, etc."

-Kenneth D.

How to get started

Harold is currently in private beta. Request access to join over 600 others building habits through effortless tracking.

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