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7-day free trial. No cc required. Plans start at $59/year. Currently available for US phone numbers only.
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What people are saying

824 people have signed up for Harold so far. Here's what a few of them have had to say.

"Harold has been great. It's the longest I've ever used a tracker, and I can see the benefits of tracking my progress. It's nice knowing the truth about how on top of my daily habits I've been. No more vaguely thinking I've been good or bad about working out, etc. I have the data now!"

Jackson - 73 days tracked 🏆

"Thank you so much for this! I read Atomic Habits and I hate worksheets and printing out stuff and wasting paper so I love this system you are creating."

Marve - 41 days tracked 🏆

"Harold is the best habit tracker. He's not annoying, he's not an app I have to open everyday, he doesn't send me random notifications. He just drops me a text asking if I drank enough water today and if I stretched for 10 minutes. 

His questions help me keep my goals top of mind."

Jensen - 100 Days Tracked 🏆

"I’m noticing a byproduct of the experience is that I’m more aware of myself as whole. How I feel, my motivations, am I going to burnout soon, etc."

Kenneth - 71 days tracked 🏆

"Text-based communication has really won me over, it’s the only way I’ll pay attention to it." 

Mary - 9 days tracked

Harold is an SMS-bot, powered by AI, that helps you stick with tracking your habits long-term.

The problem

Studies have shown that consistently tracking your behavior can lead to better outcomes.  

Habit expert James Clear also agrees: tracking your behavior is key to developing new habits. 

The problem: tracking is hard. It's another thing you have to remember to do. And it's easy to fall off.

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Finally, a solution:

Harold meets you where you are: your text messages.

Track in 5 seconds in the convenience of your messages. It's as easy as texting a friend.

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Harold is fun to talk to.

Harold uses advanced AI to reply with a fun, light-hearted message. Specifically, Harold is using GPT-3, a language model made available with OpenAI’s API.

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Harold gives you stats and insights.

Once a week, Harold gives you an update on how you are doing. No need to open an app or login to see how you are doing. It’s all in your messages.

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Harold users stick with it

Harold makes tracking so easy, 50% of users are still tracking 6 weeks later

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How it works

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    Create account and set up your habits
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    Harold texts you everyday and asks if you did your habit or not
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    Simply text him back "Yes" or "No". Harold records your responses and sends weekly recaps.

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Currently available for US phone numbers only.

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