Invest in yourself

Try Harold free for 7 days (no credit card required), or dive in with a monthly or annual plan. 

Available for US phone numbers only (for now).

  • 7-Day Free Trial

    • Track up to 4 Habits
    • Get 1-Week Progress Report
  • Annual

    • Track up to 4 Habits
    • Get Weekly Progress Reports
    • View + Export your Data
    • Support an Indie-Maker

Why does Harold cost money?

Each text message that Harold sends and receives costs money. It's a small amount, but because Harold texts everyday, it adds up! 

So with Harold, you're not just paying for a habit tracker. You are paying for the convenience and simplicity of tracking via text message. 

I promise the value you get from long-term self-improvement will pay for itself.

If not, I'm happy to refund you in full, no questions asked.  

Support an Indie Maker

I'm working on Harold full-time because I believe in the power of tracking to elevate people and catapult them to new levels. 

Every purchase made supports me on that mission and allows me to keep going. 

Just want to support the project?

Coffee always helps 🤗

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